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Moving Tips



Seattle, WA


1. Choose the Right Rental Truck

The truck you will need depend on the size of your home and the amount of household goods and furnishings you have. Rental trucks come in limited sizes. Here are some general size estimates based on the number of bedrooms in a typical home.
  • Studio - 10ft
  • 1-2 Bedroom - 15-17ft
  • 2-3 Bedroom - 17-24ft
  • 4+ Bedroom - 26ft+

The size you will need may vary if you have a garage or storage unit.

2. Availability

For your convienience, Nice Moves are available from 8am-8pm, seven days a week. Time will start upon our arrival and stop upon completion of your move. After-hours requests are available with at least 1 week advance notice.

3. Additional Equipment

Our Nice Guys come equiped with necessary tools to carry out your move in the most efficient manner possible. We provide dollies, furniture straps, rope, and any hand tools necessary to assemble or disasemble furniture. Hand trucks may not always be useful with several stairs or uneven terrain.

4. Saving Time

It is always best to have as much as you can in sealed boxes and ready to go prior to our arrival. This allows us to work at top speed and cuts down on general foot traffic through the house. Items that don't quite fit in a box generally can get into one that's not sealed. These are OK as long as they are kept to a minimum.

5. Time Estimates

There are several factors that determine the total time required to complete your move. Here are a few: How many boxes, how much furniture, how many odds and ends, how many flights of stairs, size of elevator, long hallways/long carry out to the truck, and how many items need to be disassembled and reassembled. Fill out our estimate form for a custom estimate or see our "General Estimates" section.

6. Safety

Kids and pets are best kept under extreme supervision on moving day. Both are unpredictable and may jump on us or crawl next to our feet when we are working. This is not only a hazard to your kids and pets, but to my guys as well. If animals are safe in a bedroom or bathroom, and children are attended to, we'll have a safe working environment. Lets all work together to make this moving experience accident free.

7. High Traffic Congestion

It is always best to schedule contractors, cable guys, or house cleaners on a seperate day from the move. These create additional traffic and general obstacles making our job more time consuming and dangerous.

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