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FAQ's About Moving Services



Seattle, WA


Do you bring any additional equipment?

Yes, we provide standard utility dollies, rope, furniture straps, and any tools we might need if something needs to be dismantled or reassembled. All we need from you is the truck and any pads that are necessary. If there are specialty items such as refrigerators or safes, you may need to provide additional equipment.

How much do rental trucks cost?

Rental trucks generally have a flat per day rate plus a mileage charge, fuel and insurance if you want. Average rates are between $20-50 flat plus $.50-1.50 per mile. Out-of-state or one-way moves are charged differently. Rentals for these moves are charged one flat rate and given a set # of days for the trip. Rates for one-way moves vary depending on the distance you are traveling and the demand for rentals in your destination city.

Where do I get furniture pads?

All truck rental facilities have furniture pads available to rent along with the truck. It is best to order these in advance when placing your order for the truck. We will provide you with a good estimate on the number of pads you need during the booking process.

Will your guys drive the truck, or do I have to?

Unless you have ordered the driving service, you or someone you designate would need to drive the truck. Driving service is $50 flat + $1.50 per mile, in addition to the standard hourly rates. The driving service must be scheduled in advance of the move as only certain crew members are authorized to drive trucks.

Do you charge extra for stairs?

No, There are no additional fees or hidden charges, just the hourly rate and the travel fee.

Are you insured?

Yes, Nice Moves is a fully licensed and insured company. Standard coverage is $.60 per pound if anything is damaged. For example, if a dresser gets scratched and the dresser weighs 200lbs., the insurance payout will be $120. We are not liable for any items damaged inside boxes that are Packed-By-Owner(PBO).

Will you move Pianos?

Piano's fall under the “Specialty Items” category along with pool tables, large gun safes, Xerox machines, Hot tubs, etc… These Items require specialty movers in most cases. Depending on the location, we are capable of moving these items.

What are your hours?

Typical start time for most locations is 9am, some that are closer to the office or make prior arrangements can start as early as 8am. The latest start time we have is 6pm. This start time only allows for a request of the 2 hour minimum as we have an 8pm cut-off time.

We look forward to answering you questions. For more information, contact our office 206-390-5023